Saturday, September 4, 2010

1st post

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Welcome to my blog...

This is post number one, so a little introduction is needed. I'm Owen, I was born in the year Nineteen hundred eighty and three, but I am Forty years old. You may ask how the hell is that possible, well the answer is that when I was twelve I had a Kidney transplant, my father gave me one of his, so I average our two ages. "Shit son, you had an organ transplant when you were twelve" you say. Yup, I was born with bum Kidneys. You see the ureters, they are the pipes that allow urine flow one way to the bladder, they didn't just flow one way, they went both ways so my Kidneys were drowned in urine... Thats not a good thing.

Anyway long story short I had a transplant when I was 12, and then 14 years later it failed and now I'm here hooked up to my trusty old Fresenius 2008k @ Home dialysis machine. Yes as I type this I'm actually hooked up with about a liter of my blood just flowing out of me. Thats the point this blog, to talk about my experiences with my health, some times I'll make jokes (even though its very serious) some times I may get a little soulful (doubt that). Maybe it will help others that got the short end of the blood filtration stick cope with the shit they are going through, maybe it wont. I don't care, I'm just writing this as a way to get my ideas out and then publish them as my memoirs in paperback and hardcover.

Oh and hey, if any of you readers can spare a type O kidney just let me know!


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