Saturday, September 25, 2010

Attack of the Killer Bacteria -- Part Five

Today was a long day, I was at the hospital for my Dialysis treatment at 8am to be hooked up and set to go by 8:30. Originally the treatment was going to last 4 hours, at the last minute however the staff made a change and decided to go longer. I ended up not being complete until around 2:30pm and then had to stay until my blood pressure (BP) was taken care of. I didn't actually get home until about 4:30pm, I had something to eat, and then passed out in bed. I didn't wake up until 10:30pm, and I will have to be up by 8:30am tomorrow to go to work.

The AV fistula in my arm was used again today, it worked well for the 2 hours then my Blood pressure began to bottom out. I experienced immense pain in my arm because of this. They opted to stop using it at that point and switch to the line in my chest for the rest of the treatment. It still didn't go all that smoothly and my BP was still too low at mid 60s over 30s. My arm however is really brused from the large needles, it doesn't look good at all.

They decided to discontinue any fluid removal and just focus on clearance (That's the bad stuff). They figure the reason for all the issues with treatments in the last 2 day is because my body is now just so used to the 7 hours I do at home. The 7 hours takes the fluid off much slower than the 4 hours and is easier on my body. Reducing that to 4 hours and going for the same amounts was just too much of a shock.My blood pressure medication has now been reduced so I'm hoping I wont have any other issues with low BP.

Tomorrow will be a normal day, I don't have to go back for a treatment, and hopefully I will have the results of the follow up water test by 7pm and the will be positive.. and by positive I mean good, and negative for any bacteria. If everything is good tomorrow it will being a conclusion to my "Attack of the Killer Bacteria" series. stay tuned for updates.


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