Saturday, September 25, 2010

Attack of the Killer Bacteria -- Part Six - The Conclusion

Over the past few days I've gone through my first semi emergency involving my at home dialysis. It all came crashing down Wednesday when I received a call at work from the unit saying they needed a follow up water sample right away. It now ended today when I got an email saying that my water passed the follow up testing and I could now resume my regularly scheduled treatments. It really opened my eyes to how much better doing dialysis at home is that having to go to the unit. While it does such having to plan out when I'm going to go to bed based on how long it take to get hooked up. It sure beats having to drive to the hospital to do it and then being completely exhausted from it.

I never did find out what actually caused the bacteria to show up. It could have been all kinds of things. From just being out of the fridge too long in transport, to possibly not being handled properly either by me, or by the lab technicians. Either way I guess it shows how seriously the team of Doctors, Nurses, Lab Techs, and Engineers take keeping me healthy and that makes be feel good. Right when there was a problem they were ready to give me a backup plan, to call me and get my ass in gear to help them fix the issue. At least somebody is on the ball.


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