Thursday, September 23, 2010

Attack of the Killer Bacteria -- Part Three

I've been back home after doing my treatment at the unit for a while now. I'm still just super worn out though and tired. I've been on the in home hemo for about 6 months now and I guess I was just spoiled by that. I just don't know how to managed 3 days a week doing 4 hours and then going to work, I was just simply exhausted at the end today, I could barley stand. My blood pressure was 70/36 at one point. Hopefully tomorrow will be my last do that I have to go in and my whole water issue will be resolved Saturday. I'm told the final aspect of the tests will be complete by 6:30pm Saturday.

Speaking of killer Bacteria, lets switch gears and go to killer funny. 30 Rock returns to prime time tonight, with the always attractive Tina Fey. I recently read that Grizz, he is one of Tracy Jordan's body guards on the show was the recipient of a Kidney transplant over the summer. How cool is that, I have something in common with the Grizz. He got his transplant for a dude he didn't even know, just some cool cat that wanted to donate his Kidney to somebody in need. It wasn't a cadaver or anything, he just offered the organ transplant program in the States one of his Kidneys and the Grizz got it. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Read more about it @ people


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