Thursday, September 23, 2010

Attack of the killer Bacteria! -- Part One

A small diminished lab technician is on guard at the laboratory, when a strange sight is seen on the horizon... it's BACTERIA! Oh the humanity, what shall we ever do about their... shit?

That's right, to day I received an emergency call around 12 noon at work to tell me that my monthly water sample had failed because of bacteria being found. (not the call I was hoping for) What I didn't know about bacteria in the water is that it's not really the bacteria that is the problem, it's actually what they leave behind. Thats right, their dooty. The nurse that informed me of this was specific to say that what they leave behind is smaller than them. Well I should hope so, can you imagine a creature that leaves bowel movements bigger than it? That's insane!

I was told they would need a 2nd sample right away.  I proceeded to rush to the hospital to get a micro filter, and then run home, replace a total of 3 filters, the microfilter, and 2 diasafe filters. I then needed to run the machine for an hour, do a water sample and take that back to the hospital all before the lab closed at 4pm. I manager to get there just in time, 3:50pm, but I still wont have results back until Friday which means in centre treatments for tomorrow and Friday at the very least.

Work wise I had to leave early today, I've had to take the day off tomorrow because I'll be doing a long in centre treatment and Friday I now have to start 3 hours later, which means I end 3 hours later. They are understand but it still sucks. It may seem strange for somebody to not want to miss work but I honestly hate that I have to request special treatment because of a medical issue, I'd rather just be "normal" and not require any special considerations.

Maybe I'll do a 2nd update from the hospital when all hooked up.


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