Monday, September 27, 2010

The Aulac New Brunswick Big Stop

The best part of the 5 hour drive to Halifax was the Irving Big Stop in Aulac, New Brunswick. From my earliest years I remember stopping at the Big Stop for lunch and it was always fantastic. In my early years there was just one meal I would have, chicken fingers. I loved chicken fingers, and I still do love chicken fingers, they are probably one of my favorite meals. Later on as my tastes matured some I would order the "Chicken Burger Deluxe" I don't know how I still remember the actual menu name, but that was it. It was a breaded chicken breast on a bun with lettuce, tomato, mayo and bacon. It was always very tasty. Of course both came with a side of crinkle cut french fries, coleslaw and veggies. I would never eat the veggies or coleslaw, my parents and sometimes the waitress would hassle me about it. I still wouldn't eat the veggies but I have taken to mixing my Coleslaw in with the french fries.

Once we got to Halifax we would still need to eat that evening. I remember going various places, but the one that really sticks out as the one we would go to most was Swiss Chalet. Of course being at Swiss Chalet I would get a chicken dinner, probably a children's but I don't remember for sure. What I do remember is what I always liked to drink. Not being able to drink colas and always having 7up or Sprite, this drink was the main attraction at Swiss Chalet. It was the Shirley Temple. A Shirley Temple is a "Virgin Cocktail" that means it doesn't have alcohol. The way Swiss Chalet made their Shirley Temple was with Sprite or 7up mixed with Cherry Grenadine, ice, a straw and a fruit garnish. I'm sure I felt mature drinking a "big person drink".

I felt even more mature when I didn't spill my drink... One night while my family and I were having a nice dinner at the Halifax Swiss Chalet, this was before my transplant so early 90s later 80s my clumsy father spilled his drink. This however was not the end, he reached for a napkin, now my memory might be foggy, but as I remember this napkin was under my mother's drink. Thats right, he grabbed a napkin under another drink, and of course he then spilled that drink, at this point there were no napkins left, they had all been drenched, not from cleaning anything up, but from simply being in the line of fire while my father self destructed in a wave of cold refreshments. Lucky for us the table right beside us (probably the whole restaurant) had seen the horror that just unfolded and was kind enough to provide what napkins they had while the staff rushed to clean up I'm sure the largest mess a customer has ever caused.


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