Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big Foot and the muscle machines

When I was growing up, I was a huge fan of Monster trucks, this was when they were really just trucks with huge fraking tires. I even had a bunch of Matchbox monster trucks. I don't really remember what any of the trucks names were anymore, just Big Foot of course. I do remember though that whenever I went to Halifax my parents would give me one before going to the hospital. I guess they were probably hoping I wouldn't remember the things like catheters being shoved up my wee wee if I got a cool toy before hand. Guess that didn't work out, I simply just remember both. Catheters were the worst part of going to the IWK, and Matchbox monster trucks were the best.

They were always up front with me though about the procedures I was going to have, nothing was ever a surprise, and that is probably why I like to watch when I'm awake whenever I get things done now. Whenever I give blood the nurse always says take a deep breath and look away, well I never do, I focus right where she is sticking the needle, I simple like to know the exact moment it's going to happen. Same thing when I was getting the fistula done in my arm, they don't out you to sleep for that, they just drug you up a whole lot, so I the beginning of the procedure I was still awake, and I watched the doctor cut my arm open. I find looking away worse, because I don't really know when it's coming and I need to rely on somebody else to tell me, if I see it for myself I'm much more relaxed.

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