Thursday, September 30, 2010

Frustrated Incorporated

The 4 months that I was in the IWK my music listening basically came to a stand still. I didn't have Much Music there, I wasn't really going to school, there was a teacher that would teach anything my school sent, but the school never really got around to sending anything. Because of that I was basically isolated from any new music being released. That was ok by me. It kind of sucked though, when I got back everybody was talking about these new bands like Oasis, and I was just like what is morning glory? Is it a prequel to afternoon delight? Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Jimmy Carter formed a band? Why do they like peaches so much? For me it was still all about the grunge, Nirvana, Peal Jam, The Offspring and some Weird Al was what I was listening too.

I think there was Soul Asylum too but it wasn't released until 1995, so maybe I've been getting my dates wrong and my transplant wasn't until 1995. I'm sure my Grandparents came up and I played Misery. My parents got mad at me for doing it because it made my Grandfather think I was suffering. I also thought I remember some White Zombie AstroCreep 2000 being played too.

I know I remember one night after my mom went home that my Blood Pressure was high. When it was high the on call doctor would normally get me to take Adalat, which is a drug that lowers your BP fairly quickly, I really didn't like taking it. That night I was refusing to take it, I was just sitting in my room, probably almost in tears just listening to Peal Jam's Ten. The Resident came in and tried to trick me into doing what he wanted by talking about how he was into Pearl Jam too and blah blah blah trying to seem cool. I thought I was smart and didn't fall for it obviously. I wanted to talk to my mom, and the only person that was going to get me to take it was her. I don't remember the end result, but I'm sure I probably ended up taking the medication.


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