Thursday, September 9, 2010

I was an infant stud

190.9 184.3 104/50 76 86/37 67

When I was born I was basically taken by plane direct to the IWK where my parents met with the children's doctor who would be my doctor for the next 17 years. I remember him as being a friendly doctor with big bushy eye brows, but that would have been my later memories, obviously I don't remember what he was like in 1983. What I do know however is what my parents have said, apparently the first thing he said when he saw me, was just how huge my feet were... and you know what that means ladies, thats right as a baby I was a huge stud.

This carried on later in my life to Kindergarden where I would show all the girls my "2nd belly button". You see as a infant I had a procedure to drain my bladder of excess urine. This left an indentation a few centimeters under my actual bellybutton that basically looked like a 2nd bellybutton. I don't remember these girls reactions, but I'm sure it drove them crazy. I would try that now, but after my first transplant I was loaded up on steroids and gained all kinds of weight because of it, on the plus side though it allowed be to grow a ZZ-top beard in 7th grade. I've lost a lot (of weight, not hair) in the last year, but I still do have a stomach that covers that scar. I'm sure it would still drive all the lovely ladies nuts though.


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