Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's a mad mad mad... Magazine?

195.6 188.1 105/52 75 96/51 82

I was recently asked "Do you worry" I answered that I don't. The person asking then followed up with some preposterous situation of having somebody put a gun to my head, and still my was answer no. In the words of the wise Alfred E. Neuman, "What, me worry?" Really? Why would I, it's not that I don't feel in control or that I have some external focus of control. To the contrary I'm in complete utter control, it's simply that sitting and worrying doesn't accomplish anything and can be a hinderance to clear thought out action. In the situation I am in I'm doing what I want to do, and will continue to do what I want. So I say again "What, me worry?"

Mad Magazine was great growing up. I had hundreds of them. I remember when going to the IWK I'd always have a few, or if I didn't I'd get one or two while there. I remember getting a Spy vs Spy special issue that all it was was Spy vs Spy. I loved Spy vs Spy. Those magazines definitely kept my mind off things while I was in Hospital. It really wasn't all that bad though. When I started spending more time there I started to make friends with the other kids. Sometimes in the evenings when most of the hospital staff had gone home we'd explore all over the place. We had LOTS of freedom to roam the hallways. I'm not really sure we were supposed to but we did anyway. Some of my best childhood memories are from the IWK, how fraked up is that?

I wish I still had a few of my old Mad magazines. The cover art was always really cool, I'd frame a few now. If anybody out there has any let me know I'd consider buying a few old copies from the mid 90s.

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