Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The List

195.3      187.6      100/46 83      82/40 80

There is a surprisingly large number of items that are needed to perform a single treatment of dialysis. I've included a list, this list does not include any extras that I keep close just incase they are needed,  It's not exactly easy to move around once I am hooked up. These are simply the items that will be used for sure when hooking up. All the items except for a few are single use. I need to empty my large industrial size garbage can every 3 treatments, nothing but the 4 and 8 liter jugs is recycled. I also have a sharps container which I need to take to the Dialysis unit once a month and replace with another.

6 x 10cc Syringe
3 x 3cc Syringe
1 x 20cc Syringe
8 x 20 Gage needles
1 medical mask
3 x 2 pack of sterile 10cm x 10cm gauze
3 x 10cc Heparin bottles
12 x Chlorhexidine swabs
4 x Sterile towels
3 x Size 8 sterile golves
4.0l Naturalyte H-624 (Acid)
8.0l Bicarbonate
2 x 1l Saline bags
2 inch roll of tape
1 inch roll of tape
2 x Interlocking caps
Dialysis tubing
Saline bag tubing
F160nr Fresenius Dialysis filter
3 x scissor clamps
1 packet of Potassium additive
Vinegar for cleansing post treatment
Bleach for cleaning outside post treatment



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