Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not your run of the mill delivery

I always feel really useless when my supply deliveries come. Like today, there were 12 16kg boxes that had to be brought into my house and up the stairs. Thats 192kg, that 2.5 of me!. Today the delivery guy was smaller than me. Because I'm not supposed to lift things that heavy I had to just stand there and watch, I couldn't do anything. Sure, I have a perfectly valid reason for not helping out, but really is the delivery guy going to know that I'm the one the delivery is for, that I'm the one on dialysis. To just anybody looking at me I think I look pretty healthy, save for a few extra pounds. What can I do though, just say "yo I can't help because I'm on dialysis". I suppose I could, obviously he is going to know somebody in the house is, but it just seems like an bizarre thing to say to a total stranger.

I also wonder what is the tipping situation for something like that, hell what is the tipping situation for anybody that comes out to my house to either make a delivery or check on the equipment. They guy today is doing a lot of work, those 16kg is not light, so do I tip him? He is expecting a tip, there isn't any awkward moment after I sign, he just leaves. I wonder if a tip for something like that could be a tax write off where it's a medical thing? Also the biomed people that come out. Today I had a guy out because my filtration tanks were leaking, they needed some caps and O-rings replaced. It doesn't seem like it would be all that hard to do, but it's not something I could do on my own, so do I tip him? Maybe I should start offering pie or something, that will negate any expected tip.

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