Friday, September 10, 2010

The Rolling Stones

192.9 --- 98/43 77 67/37 78

Just recently I was informed that I have a, or a few Kidney stones. I've since found my mind wandering and wondering how many Kidney stones that the rolling stones have had roll on through their Kidneys. They are very old. From what Cosmo Kramer has said, when a kidney store is discharged it is excruciatingly painful, people even pass out from it. I have experienced pain in that area before (my penis). I've had a number of catheters growing up, and they always sucked.

A catheter is a long slender tube that gets inserted through the urethra (your pee hole) and into one's bladder. It can be there briefly just to see how much urine your bladder can hold, or for an extended period of time when there is an issue expelling urine. If it is going to be in there for a long time there is a balloon that is expanded to a size larger than the hole on the inside so as to no just slide right on out. I guess this could be described sort of like a balloon knot.

When I woke up after my 5-6hours of surgery for my transplant I had a catheter. Apparently when I woke up I was so concerned about the catheter that I asked if it was still their while motioning for my groin. Sometimes this story gets told with wink trying to imply that I was asking about my penis, I was an innocent 12 year old though. Hell I still thought a boner meant I just had to piss. I had to have been referring to the catheter.

Back to the kidney stone, it's not going anywhere, it's basically a seed in a prune. I barely urinate.



  1. You have a very nice blog! Good reading.
    Drunknmunky - Pikavippivinkit

  2. I am a RFD member and found your blog from your profile link. Just wanna say you're one tough dude! Continue to keep your head up!