Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to the suck

My night did not go well. Arterial pressures would spike whether I ran my line straight or reversed. I have a feeling not many people will know what that means, so let me explain. Currently I have a blood line that enters my chest about halfway between my shoulder and my man nipple. This line has two sides, the venus and the arterial. One to take blood out of me and send it to my Dialysis machine, and one that receives the clean blood to go back into me. Sometimes, over time one or both sides of this line will develop a clot. There are precautions against this, the line gets flushed with saline after treatment and then filled with Heparin. Heparin is a blood thinner, it is supposed to prevent clots but they will still develop.

Tonight my line would not run correctly because a clot has developed in it. One way around this is to run the line reversed. This means that I hook the arterial side of the machine to the venus side of the line and vice versa. Tonight that still did not work and the pressures on the line simply were not acceptable. I've now ended up discounting. I called the off duty emergency line, and have made arrangements to go to the hospital bright and early. They will flush it with what is called cathflow. From what I understand this will basically dissolve the clot.

I would normally work tomorrow but I will probably have to do a treatment of dialysis while there since I was unable to do it tonight.  So I have had to use a vacation day. Most of my vacation time this year has been spent going to various doctors appointments or having various procedures done.


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