Sunday, October 10, 2010

$15,000 down my tube

Thats right, literally $15,000 down my tube this week. I've had 3 doses of cathflow, 2 of which were double doses, and my line still is not working properly. One dose, per line costs $1500 for each line, Monday I had a single dose per line, thats $3000. Thursday I had 2 doses per line, thats $6000, and again tonight after work I had 2 doses per line, another $6000. $3000 + $6000 + $6000 = $15,000. You'd think after that much drano my custom plumbing would work properly and I would actually be able to sleep. Wrong, I am still having issues and now can't even get it to work at all.

Just my luck too, it's a long weekend, I'm not really sure what the plan will be from here, I'm currently waiting on the on call nurse to call me back, I'm sure she must be tired of me calling her after midnight on her long weekend, or having to come back to down from her cottage to pour drano down my line. She doesn't show it though so thats cool. All the staff I deal with are pretty cool and I have no complaints about them, but I am sick of having to see them because of issues such as this.

I'm now just sitting here in bed testing blood speeds trying to force this to at least work a little bit and it just is not co-operating. At this point because of the long weekend I can't even guess what the next step will be. I'm still holding a lot of extra fluid that needs to come off, plus there is the build up of the chemicals that the kidneys are supposed to filter but I need to rely on a tube which also isn't working. Basically at the moment I'm boned.


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