Monday, October 18, 2010

I've been a negative Nancy

The last few weeks I've been pretty negative. I've just simply been really angry, pissed off, and generally down about my current predicament. It seems like just in the last few weeks nothing has been going my way in terms of my Dialysis goes, plus even having to do the dialysis in the first place really sucks too. This post I'm going to force myself to be positive in terms of being able to do in home dialysis instead of going to the center. This will be in point form, it's just easier than formating it into paragraphs and I'm feeling lazy. Suck it up, I can be lazy I'm on dialysis, you're not.

1.) The big positive for me is that when I am able to do it at home again I wont have to get up super early on cold winder days to drive to the hospital. This will be especially good when it starts to snow and blizzard in the morning, I'll still be worm and in bed.

2.) I've been able to get off almost all of my medication. Right now I'm only I 2 pills, and it would be my educated guess that by the end of next week I will only be on 1 pill. That is actually fewer pills that I have EVER been on my whole life. As easy as it is to take pills for me, it's still just 1 more thing that I need to do that isn't part of a normal 27 year olds day.

3.) I've lost 50lbs, (but gained 10 back) I went from a size 38 pant down to 34, my face has slimmed down a crazy amount and I personally think I look better than ever.

4.) My diet isn't as restricted, in fact I need to ad potassium to my dialysis because otherwise it would be too low. My big potassium kryptonite is french fries, I love them, and now I can eat all I want.

Thats all I've got, but four is pretty good.


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