Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back to Dialysis training today

Well it was back to learning how to stick huge needles in my arm today. Yesterday morning I thought I wouldn't have to do that anymore, turns out I was wrong. I am getting better at it, and have hit my vein every time for the past week. I would just rather not have to do it. The nurses were obviously upset for me, when I called them on the way down Robie street to tell them I wasn't going to be there yesterday you would have thought they won the lottery. When I called them after finding out the bad news to schedule coming in today it was the complete opposite reaction.

While talking it over with them it turns out this has only happened to 1 other person that they work with, and they said they are doing "good" now. Obviously they are not able to go into details of another patient, but I took good to mean they have not gotten a Kidney. While it does certainly really suck that yesterday did not work out for me, it does give me an indication of my position on the list.

These past 16 months I've talked to many people have been on dialysis for years, like double digit years and I just and I was simply dreading that. Even though I had been told 2 - 3 years is the average, it seems if something is going to go wrong, it goes wrong with me. I have a whole list of things that have happened that I was told almost never happen, but did to me. Yesterday is just another item on that list.So hopefully my next call will come sooner than 16 months.

I also found out while down there that they have done 90 transplants in the last year. That is significantly more than I had thought they did per year. All this time I thought they only did maybe 1 per month, which is why I was dreading the wait on the list.


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