Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have touchably soft skin

I have touchably soft skin. The nurses say I have really soft skin, that this is why it is so sensitive to all the tape and needles. The end goal of giving myself the needles is that I will be able to use dull needles at home. I keep giving myself the needles in the exact same spot and the same angle it is supposed to develop a track for the dull needle to follow.

Every few days we try a dull needle. So far even though I have two obvious needle holes in my arm the dull needle just will not puncture my vein. So while my skin is touchably soft like warm butter on a babies bottom, my veins are much thicker.

Today we tried the dull needles again, and again they did not puncture the vein. There is not issue getting them through my skin and arm meat, but the vein just is still too strong. The point of the dull needles is that when I come home I will be sleeping with the needles in my arm, and it can be dangerous to do so with the sharps. This was illustrated to me today.

As it has been doing the last few weeks my blood pressure dropped near the end of my treatment. As I think I've mentioned before my body simply is not used to the faster conventional treatments. The fluid I have built up doesn't move fast enough so I end up too dry, and then my BP crashes.

It did this today, one of the counter measures to this is to lower my head beneath my legs so that my blood goes to me head and chest. We did this today while I was still connected. While moving about though my arterial needle slipped out of place puncturing the vein. The arterial is the return line so when it went out of place I had 300ml/m of blood fill my upper arm. The machine stopped quickly when it sensed a pressure increase but it still hurt like hell.


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