Friday, November 26, 2010

I was finally able to get two dull needles in

I was finally able to do it, today I was able to get two dull needles in, one in the lower and one in the upper holes. They really just slid right in, there was a little bit of pressure needed for the bottom on. The upper one however I didn't even know it was in until I pulled back on the syringe a little. It just slid right in, no more pressure was required than the ultra sharp ones I had been using.

The plan for next week will be I'm back at the hospital Monday and Tuesday to make sure I can continue to do this. I'll be off Wednesday and then I'll be doing my first treatment using the needles at home on Thursday, it will be during the day for 7 hours my nurse is going to come out. The final plan is to get me back to work by the next week. Only 1 week later than expected.

I'm still not pleased with having to give myself needles, I don't think it's something I could ever get used to, but at the moment it's something I need to do, and it gives my more freedom than having the line in my chest. Lets hope I get another call for a kidney soon so that I don't have to continue to needle myself.


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