Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Play by Play

Early this morning, November 16th 2010 at around 2:45am I was called to go to the VG hospital in Halifax. A kidney became available that was thought to be a match to me. This is a breakdown of what happened, and why I ended up coming home within a couple of hours of arriving in Halifax.

2:45am - The New Brunswick Transplant coordinators call my home. My father answered the phone just as I was waking up from hearing the phone ringing. I was still drowsy but I heard him coming up the stairs talking to somebody on the phone about me, and I knew what the call was.

I take the call and get the information needed. I need to go to the VG hospital in Halifax, the Dickson building 6B. The ask how soon I can be there, I say it will take an hour to get organized here, another 5 in travel time. A time of 8:30am in thrown out and I say thats fine.

I tweeted "Holly Shit going to Halifax for Kidney" to which I quickly as a number of congratulatory replies.

I have a shower and pack my bags. I included clothing and charging cables for my iphone and DSLR. I plan on documenting my trip and post transplant. I also sync a few more movies to my iphone, I consider bringing my laptop but decided against it.

3:30am, I'm pulling out of my driveway, from call to go to actually going takes only 45mins even though I didn't have anything prepared to go. I think thats pretty good time.

My mother is traveling with me, we make 3 short stops for her to stretch, I use them to tweet my current location.

6:30: we get to Truro. My mother took over driving. I had only had 1 hour of sleep and while I could have gone all the way, I wanted some time to just chill. Truro is almost exactly 1 hour from Halifax.

7:30am: We reach Halifax, right at rush hour traffic, it takes another 30 mins to reach the hospital.

8am: We get to the hospital. It takes no more than 5 mins to reach the proper floor. I went to the nurses station and introduced myself. I was immediately taken to the side by a doctor and into a private room.

I knew there was something wrong.

I was told that they did the final antibody testing between my blood and the kidney. The results came back positive. I wasn't sure what that meant so I let him just continue.

What it meant was that there was no way this Kidney was going to be able to live in my body. My body had antibodies that would attack and kill this kidney, it would never have lasted, possible not even work the moment it was put in.

I am told by the transplant coordinator there that the virtual testing that they do in the computer showed the antibodies as being negative, but once they did the real test, just an hour ago, it was positive. I am told that in the two years of them doing the virtual simulated testing that this is possibly the only time they have ever seen a different result than the actual testing.

I think to myself that this is simply one more thing I can ad to my list where something went wrong wrong for me that almost never happens ever.

She continues to say that this is not really a bad thing, that its good it was caught and tries to be positive and make me feel better. I just sit politely, but really just want to get the hell out of there. Nothing at all to do with her, I just simply don't want to be there at that moment.

My mother and I leave, spend a hour looking for a Smitty's which doesn't seem to exist, end up going to McDonalds for breakfast, make a quick stop at Home Outfitters (I wanted to check out the cooking supplies) and then drive the 4 and a half hours back home.

I guess a positive thing to take from this is that I'm higher on the list than I thought, that I know next kidney that comes up that is compatible with me, I'll be right there, that in the off chance that there is another person on the list that has the same blood type and tissue typing as I do, I am ahead.


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  1. Good for you for making this experience into a positive one - you're on the top of the list! I can only imagine how exciting/scary/crazy that must be making you feel. Get those bags packed and ready! *hUgS*