Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm starting to get the hang of this

The first few nights of being home and giving myself huge fricken needles I did ok, but things didn't go Wes Montgomery smooth, there were some missed beats so to speak. I needed to use sharp needles twice and I think I may have missed the bottom hole slightly adding to my already tensed nerves. Now though things seem to be going good, knock on wood. I have been able to get both needles in with no difficulty at all for the last 6 nights of treatment. I still don't like doing it, I'm not as nervous and I still do grit my teeth and have a sick feeling in my stomach as I do it.

The hardest part I am finding though are not the needles, but getting the two feet of tubing organized so that I can maybe sleep just a little bit. The problem with the tubing is that it comes in a bundle, and it is wound up. After taking it out of the packaging it doesn't tend to want to go in a straight line. Rather it wants to go in the direction it was going in the bag it's been packed in for months. It doesn't help at all that I can only really use one arm to force it to go in the direction I it to go, and tape it in place. I'm an ace with right hand.

Figuring out positions to sleep in can be hard. When not connected I've always been a fan of laying on my face with my arms underneath my pillow. I can't really do that when connected. I've tried laying on my right side with my left arm resting on my left side. I've tried laying on my left side with my left arm extending out on it's own pillow. Or there is also on my back with my left arm on the pillow. None are all that great and after a few hours of my arm being in the same position it tends to hurt.


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