Friday, December 17, 2010

So it's December

It's december, in 1995 about this time I was still in the IWK hospital, I think I probably still had a catheter because of the issues I had with my two native kidneys being removed. I was probably still hoping that I would get to go home for Christmas, I mean who wants to be in a hospital for Christmas in what must have seemed like a city a million miles away. I don't really remember, but I am certain I did not. I remember there being multiple weeks where we were told that maybe next week if things improve, and multiple weeks where things did not improve and still being in hospital week after week. I was pretty miserable.

Now 15 years later that whole time really blurs, I remember bits and pieces, and I think sometimes I remember other times as being part of that time. For a few years I was at the IWK a lot. Both when I was starting to do Dialysis back then, and also when I had my transplant and then subsequent check-ups there until I graduated.

It would be around 10 years now since I was last there. It seems strange I feel like I was going to the IWK after my transplant longer than I had been going to the "Adult Doctors" here, but thinking about it I haven't. I was only going to the IWK for about 5 years after my transplant, but I have been going here for 10 years. I guess it's strange how memories work out. I was admitted more often at the IWK more often than here. I've only ever been admitted once over night here, and that was just last year for a biopsy.

Back to December 1995, as I was saying I'm sure I was hoping to go home, and I'm sure my mother who was staying at the Ronald McDonald house hoped to go home. I'm not sure if she would have known for sure that we were not going to get home. Looking back as an adult now I would say she would have had to known. That Christmas was spent at the Ronald McDonald house along with the other families of children who were stuck at a hospital during what should be a child's favorite time of year. I guess on the bright side I was considered healthy enough for a night pass and didn't have to actually stay in the hospital over christmas.


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