Friday, January 7, 2011

Being on 30 Rock = Getting a Kidney Transplant?

Over the last 4 months not one, not two, ok well it was two. Two actors on the hit NBC comedy series created by the very funny and oddly attractive Tina Fey have had kidney transplants. You have to ask yourself what sort of coincidence is that? What's going on over there that two people have had to have transplants and did have transplants.

First it was the Grizz, played by Actor Grizz Chapman. He had a Kidney transplant, donated by a complete stranger. Basically a complete stranger wanted to donate a kidney to somebody and it ended up being the Grizz. Thats Grizzy. Next up was Tracy Jordan, played by the always funny and surprising that he is 42 Tracy Morgan. He had been suffering from Diabetes for years and all the drinking and ankle bracelets finally got the best of him and he needed a kidney replaced.

My theory is if you need a kidney transplant, get on 30 Rock because that show is a one way ticket to Kidney Transplantopia. My goal now is to get on 30 Rock to get a Kindey transplant, all I need is Tina Fey's contact info and I think I can schmooze my way on, give her the old Owen eye wink and lip lick charm.


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