Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's been a while

I haven't posted in a while, mostly because everything has been going well, nothing really to talk about. Giving myself needles has become akin to eating vegetables. I don't like doing it. Well except I do give myself needles I don't eat icky vegetables.

I've been SO sick over the past 5 days though, and if giving myself needles when I feel good sucks balls, giving myself needles when I feel like I just got hit by the H1N1 bus sucks major goat balls. Yeah, its that bad. I'm having chills and I'm coughing so staying still to get the needles in is not all the easy.

Last night I needed to use one sharp in my bottom hole (that could sound bad if taken out of context) and had issue with the top one, I got it in, but pressures were high the whole night, well until I got off, I got connected around 6 so that I could get off early and sleep the rest of the night.

On the lighter side I found out through google analytics that the search string "Fucking Dialysis" in google brings my blog as the #1 hit. Yay me. So my challenge now is to make "Dialysis sucks balls" to be #1 too, right now I'm number 2 under an N4G forum post, thats a gaming website so they don't deserve the #1 spot.


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