Sunday, February 13, 2011

I lost my entertainment and connection to the world last night

Last night my AC adapter for my laptop stopped working. This is the laptop that I used to watch TV and Netflix while I am connecting to my dialysis machine. In short it's what makes my treatments much more bearable and not as boring. I use it before I got to sleep to watch some shows or post here, and I use it when I'm holding my needles holes, watching things that I don't have to pay full attention to while I wait for my holes to clot. I had to finish off the night watching stuff on my iphone last night, a much smaller screen.

I had just replaced this adapter this past October, I bought it at Future Shop and it came with a 1 year warranty through Apple. Well last night it stopped, it seems as if it was probably a short it the cable because sometimes I could move it around and it worked, but not long enough to keep the battery charged. Well it was well past Future Shop's 30 day return policy but it could take weeks to get it exchanged through Apple. I still had the packaging but I didn't have the receipt. I was not looking forward to going a couple of weeks without my laptop, I really didn't know how I would manage.

I decided that I was going to try and get an exchange from Future Shop, it was past the 30 days and I didn't have a receipt, I went in with the expectation of having to buy one. I went to the customer service desk and just told the truth, I said I bought this back in October, and I've lost the receipt but I was really desperate to get an exchange because I really needed my laptop. The friendly ladies at the desk discussed it, and checked with a technician and they decided it was ok, they would exchange it. I was so happy, I thanked them immensely, probably creeped them out I thanked them so much, but I felt it was just really good service, so I'm posting about it here, just because it does have a huge affect on my dialysis.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

New button hole a go go

Tonight was my first attempt at using a dull needle in my new button hole. I was nervous about it because I remembered the troubles I had while doing them at hospital back in October. I almost didn't bother trying because I need to get up for work tomorrow and didn't really want to spend any extra time that I didn't need to while getting hooked up. Also my lower hole didn't go an easy as it normally does, my fluid wasn't up a lot, only 1kg but I had a little more salt than I normally do so my veins were big. To my surprise though the dull needle pretty much just slid into the new hole, it was fast and easy.

The plan for this week was to have the nurse come out to my house Monday and Tuesday to use the dull needle. I called to see if we still needed to do that where I got the needle in tonight no problem. She is still going to come out Monday to make sure everything is good and then decide if maybe I can get back to my normal schedule. So Monday I'll be doing dialysis here during the day, but hopefully I will be back to "normal" Tuesday.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Something I miss

One of the things I miss sometimes is my kitty Garfield not being able to sleep at the end of my bed anymore. Before I started Dialysis at home she would sleep with me almost every night, she would keep my feet warm. Sometimes I would be annoyed with her because she is a long hair cat and she sheds a lot so my bed would be covered in cat hair. Sometimes I'd wake up and I'd have cat hair in my mouth. She would also snore.

I had to stop her from even coming into my room because of the chance that she may decide to chew on tubing. That just wouldn't be a good situation because there is a lot of it, and the pumping sometimes makes it move making it even more tempting for tiny little sharp teach to bite into springing a leak of my blood. That would be bad for a couple of reasons, I'd loose all the blood in the lines because it would be contaminated, and well I'd loose all that blood.

I feel bad that I can't let her in anymore and sometimes she does try to sneak in and I have to yell at her to get out. I'd like to think I'll get a Kidney transplant before she takes a trip up state to a farm but she is getting old. She is 17 and like me is also suffering from Kidney problems. Unfortunately I don't tihnk dialysis for cats is an option. If I do get a Kidney before she is gone she will be welcome to come into my room again.


Friday, February 4, 2011

The first needle for my new Button hole

Tonight I had to start developing my new button hole, to do this a new location was chosen, it's illustrated in one of the images from my last post, but it's about a thumbs length away from the original upper one. I think I'm going to like this location a little better because the vein is closer to the skin making it easier to feel. The only problem with it is that the vein veers off at about a 30 degree angle so when inserting the needle it's pointed almost directly at me making it slightly more challenging.

Not much really to talk about, everything went really smoothly and hopefully it will continue too. A few weeks from now I'll be back to using two dull needles.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another day and another 6 needles

I spent Snowmageddon... ok side note I just had to look up the spelling of that and found that "The Snowlocaust" is also being used. Seriously people. WTF are you thinking? Anyway I spent this slightly above average snowy day at the hospital.

This morning was my Fistulagram, it went ok. A potential problem was found and resolved and we also know now why I was having issues with my upper hole. As suspected the vein does split off very close to the hole. It's been decided that I will need to develop a new upper hole a few centimeters under the original. To do this I will need to go to the hospital twice a week on my days off from work to do dialysis at the hospital and then 3 other days a week my nurse will come to my house to make sure I can needle the new spot to do dialysis here. This will go on for about 2 weeks.

The other thing that was found is at the transition between my veins in my lower arm to the fistula veins was very narrow, so a double Angioplasty was done. This is when a deflated balloon is inserted into the area and then blown up to increase the width. This was done twice.

1.) Narrow area 2.) Lower Button Hole 3.) Upper Button Hole
4.) Problem Area 5.) Angiography needle 5b.) End of needle
1.) Dark Area is expanded 2.) Lower Button Hole
3.) Proposed spot for new Button Hole
I guess the day, as much as it sucked was productive, I found out what the problem was, and that there was actually a problem. I know what to look for and to trust myself when I think there is a different feeling to how my arm feels. I have also been given a solution to my problem which I don't think will take to much to implement so I should be back to "normal" dialysis in a few weeks. I'm also not feeling as sick as I was late last week so over all I think more in the win column today.