Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another day and another 6 needles

I spent Snowmageddon... ok side note I just had to look up the spelling of that and found that "The Snowlocaust" is also being used. Seriously people. WTF are you thinking? Anyway I spent this slightly above average snowy day at the hospital.

This morning was my Fistulagram, it went ok. A potential problem was found and resolved and we also know now why I was having issues with my upper hole. As suspected the vein does split off very close to the hole. It's been decided that I will need to develop a new upper hole a few centimeters under the original. To do this I will need to go to the hospital twice a week on my days off from work to do dialysis at the hospital and then 3 other days a week my nurse will come to my house to make sure I can needle the new spot to do dialysis here. This will go on for about 2 weeks.

The other thing that was found is at the transition between my veins in my lower arm to the fistula veins was very narrow, so a double Angioplasty was done. This is when a deflated balloon is inserted into the area and then blown up to increase the width. This was done twice.

1.) Narrow area 2.) Lower Button Hole 3.) Upper Button Hole
4.) Problem Area 5.) Angiography needle 5b.) End of needle
1.) Dark Area is expanded 2.) Lower Button Hole
3.) Proposed spot for new Button Hole
I guess the day, as much as it sucked was productive, I found out what the problem was, and that there was actually a problem. I know what to look for and to trust myself when I think there is a different feeling to how my arm feels. I have also been given a solution to my problem which I don't think will take to much to implement so I should be back to "normal" dialysis in a few weeks. I'm also not feeling as sick as I was late last week so over all I think more in the win column today.


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