Saturday, February 12, 2011

New button hole a go go

Tonight was my first attempt at using a dull needle in my new button hole. I was nervous about it because I remembered the troubles I had while doing them at hospital back in October. I almost didn't bother trying because I need to get up for work tomorrow and didn't really want to spend any extra time that I didn't need to while getting hooked up. Also my lower hole didn't go an easy as it normally does, my fluid wasn't up a lot, only 1kg but I had a little more salt than I normally do so my veins were big. To my surprise though the dull needle pretty much just slid into the new hole, it was fast and easy.

The plan for this week was to have the nurse come out to my house Monday and Tuesday to use the dull needle. I called to see if we still needed to do that where I got the needle in tonight no problem. She is still going to come out Monday to make sure everything is good and then decide if maybe I can get back to my normal schedule. So Monday I'll be doing dialysis here during the day, but hopefully I will be back to "normal" Tuesday.


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