Monday, February 7, 2011

Something I miss

One of the things I miss sometimes is my kitty Garfield not being able to sleep at the end of my bed anymore. Before I started Dialysis at home she would sleep with me almost every night, she would keep my feet warm. Sometimes I would be annoyed with her because she is a long hair cat and she sheds a lot so my bed would be covered in cat hair. Sometimes I'd wake up and I'd have cat hair in my mouth. She would also snore.

I had to stop her from even coming into my room because of the chance that she may decide to chew on tubing. That just wouldn't be a good situation because there is a lot of it, and the pumping sometimes makes it move making it even more tempting for tiny little sharp teach to bite into springing a leak of my blood. That would be bad for a couple of reasons, I'd loose all the blood in the lines because it would be contaminated, and well I'd loose all that blood.

I feel bad that I can't let her in anymore and sometimes she does try to sneak in and I have to yell at her to get out. I'd like to think I'll get a Kidney transplant before she takes a trip up state to a farm but she is getting old. She is 17 and like me is also suffering from Kidney problems. Unfortunately I don't tihnk dialysis for cats is an option. If I do get a Kidney before she is gone she will be welcome to come into my room again.



  1. Hey, my name is Theresa and I'm a dialysis patient too. I found your blog googling "fuck dialysis." I had a crappy day today and I just wanted to tell you that this blog entry about your cat made me laugh. You have a very beautiful cat, I have a black/white tuxedo cat myself. Best of luck to you and thanks for making me laugh.

  2. Thank you so much, keep a positive attitude and it will all work out.