Monday, March 28, 2011

Writers block

I haven't blogged in a while. I guess mostly because I haven't had much to say. Things have been going as smooth as they really could be going, I'm not really having any issues to speak of. I needed to use sharp needles for while because the placement of the button hole in the vein seemed to move a little after my last procedure, but I'm back to normal, well as normal as sticking huge needles into ones arm can be.

I had my last visit with my family doctor last week. He was the doctor I had been going to my whole life so its going to be quite the change once I find a new one. Yeah, I'm on some waiting lists, but I always liked him, he told me what was wrong and how to fix it and seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing not only medically but with life in general, my schooling and social life included. It seemed like he really cared and not just because he had too.

Because I do need to find a new family doctor I was given my medical file from my old one. It's pretty thick, and just now I am realizing that it probably would have been a pretty good thing to take a picture of the size to post here, too bad I am now connected and cannot reach it. I'll save it for later. Maybe reading through it will also give me new ideas for posts.

So I guess I will apologize for not being as dedicated to posting for the last month and I will try to keep things rolling here.


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