Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh noes the internet is gone!

My 25mb Fibe op went down tonight for some reason. I was right in the middle of removing my needles and holding them, while I do this I'm always watching a documentary on netflix to keep me entertained, but not something that I have to have all my focus on. I get what I've decided to watch going and then start on removing my needles. Well tonight just after removing my 2nd needle and having 10-15 minutes left to hold the hole, netflix stopped streaming and I couldn't get to any websites. Luckily I had my trusty iphone close and I was able to switch to it's personal wifi hotspot and connect using the 3G network which is what I'm still using to post. I'm now completely disconnected from my Dialysis machine (just like I'm completley disconnected from my DSL) and it's going through it's cleaning, I think I'll go to sleep now but my DSL going down certainly was a bit of a bother. I hope it's resolved by morning.


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