Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's been two years now

Around this time 2 years ago I was told by my Nephrologist that she wanted me to go on dialysis. I asked when, and was told that she wanted me to have the procedure to have the catheter put in right then. She said that loosing a Kidney is like loosing a family member, that there could be a lot of grief. I don't know if I really felt that, I really didn't know what to say, I really didn't want to do dialysis, and it was difficult holding my composure. I was scared shitless. I did the only thing I could think if, I called home and told my mother, and while doing so my voice was trembling, I really didn't want to do dialysis, but I also really didn't want to die. I was stuck.

It would be a few weeks, I'm not sure how many, I remember what I was doing in that time and I remember seeing Transformers 2 at a midnight showing. was wearing shorts and my ankles and feet were swollen. Hell I remember driving to Halifax in March 09 and my feet being swollen so much that by sneakers were uncomfortable, I guess I should have known that was a bad sign.

After a few weeks of postponing and hard deliberation on what I wanted to do, die or go on dialysis, I decided to go on Dialysis, my first treatment was either on Canada day or shortly after it. I've never ever been given a time frame for a transplant, but I've always thought that it might be around 2 years, well that time is coming and the only sign so far was a false call I had over 6 months ago now. I'm Type O+ if anybody is feeling generous.