Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's been a long time

I haven't written anything in a while, not sure why, I guess I didn't really feel like it. It is harder to write any amount with the needles in my arm, it's just sort of awkward.

It's sort of funny the things that we mark the passage of time by. While in school I would mark it by the grades I was in. University would be how long I was in university. Now I mark the time by significant events in terms of my dialysis. This July will mark the 3rd year that I have been on dialysis for. I know that's not long for some people but it does seem like a long time for me. Also this April will mark the 2nd year that I have been doing dialysis at home, and this past December marked the 1st year of giving myself needles at home.

I'm not really sleeping while doing the dialysis anymore, in all honesty the needles sort of make me nervous. So nights that I am on I'm normally awake until about 4am or so, and then up for work at 9am. It does get exhausting. I cherish every night that I don't need to stick needles into my arm. Putting them in doesn't really hurt a lot, but removing my arterial needle hurts a lot every time. I'm told it could be because the button hole might be close to a nerve that it rubs up against on the way out. Whatever it is, is sucks just like everything else.


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