Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fistulagram tomorrow

First off, lets just get this out there, yes it has been a while since an update. What can I say, I just wasn't in the mood.

I'm scheduled for my quarterly fistulagram, and no these are not nearly as fun as a singing telegram, although maybe I can convince the doctor to sing while he jabs me with even bigger needles than I'm used too. Actually I hoping to make out like a bandit tomorrow and get off easy with just a ultrasound of my arm.

Truthfully though I suspect that I will be having the full fledged procedure tomorrow. I've had some issues in the last 2 months. My venous needling hole has changed some, and it caused a couple of weeks of problems needling until I got used to it. I even had a fistulagram back in late Feb early March where they found that there was nothing wrong, it was just I needed to change the way I was needling.

With all that taken into consideration the Docs probably want a fresh picture to see what is going on. I will probably still try to convince them otherwise though because I rather my trip in be a quick in and out instead of an all day affair.

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