Friday, April 20, 2012

So I'm 29 now

Today is my birthday, I turned 29 today, I've now been on dialysis for 3 birthdays, it's strange everything just sort of blends together, It seems like I have been doing this for so long now.

In July of this year it will have been 3 years since I started. Realistically I have a minimum of 1 more year, but that is just the average, it could be 20 more years waiting, or I could get a call tomorrow, there really is no way of knowing. I was told by one of the nurses at the unit that there were very few transplants in NB last year, I forget the number but it was shockingly low.

It really is hard, just the day to day. On days that I do dialysis I'm tired and drained because of it, on days I don't do dialysis I feel bloated from extra fluid. I feel like as of late I haven't been as focused, maybe that is just because for about a month I was having needling problems off and on.

Currently an average day for me is I wake up between 8:30-9:30 to be to work by 10:30, I work until 19:00, and am normally home by 19:30. I start setting up my Machine at around 19:45 and am done and starting to stick my needles in by 21:00, yes it takes about an hour of setup. Depending on how the needling goes I could be on as early as 21:15, or as late at 22:00, I do that for 6 hours. That puts me at around 3am that I'm going to sleep, because I don't sleep while on anymore.

Connecting isn't the point that I'm the most tired, it's disconnecting at 3am that I'm the most sick of. Still better than having to go to the hospital every day though, but not better than having a new kidney.


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