Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stent removal tomorrow...

During a transplant the doctors at the Victoria General always insert what is called a stent in the ureter between the transplanted kidney and the bladder. Tomorrow I will be having that removed at 1pm. It's apparently a simple procedure, the don't make any new holes or anything to remove it, they use a hole I already have.

What they do is insert a camera and grasper into my bladder via the urethra. Picture below is a picture of director of fine movies Christopher Nolan using the same camera they use to shoot The Dark Knight Rises.

Of course the screen isn't attached, that would just be silly, its left outside so that the doctor can see what is going on inside me. Well they insert the camera along with a grasper (this is pictured below) through my urethra and then simply pull the Stent. I won't be put to sleep for this, but I do get some numbing cream from what I have read, maybe an IV with pain killers

Well that is my day for tomorrow, I can't say that I'm really looking forward to it. Yay me!


PS: Tomorrow marks 4 weeks post transplant, last creatinine level was 123!

Friday, May 18, 2012

2 weeks post transplant

Today marks 2 weeks since I had my kidney transplant. So far everything is peachy. I was discharged on Monday, and after some back and forth I'm now at the Point Pleasant Lodge in a single double bed room, so I can have the privacy I was hoping for.

I've had 2 clinic visits so far, one on Wednesday and one today. On Wednesday I had half the staples removed and today the rest were removed and Steri-Strips put in their place just to make sure I don't split open. There were 18 staples in all, and today's kind of hurt coming out, where as the ones on Wednesday did not.

I found out today that I do have a stent going from the new ureter to my bladder, and this will require a small 2nd procedure to be completed 4-6 weeks after the transplant was done. This will be done back home and I will not have to come here for it.

I've been walking a lot, actually probably more than I was before I had the transplant. Between Wednesday and Thursday I'm sure I came close to 6km total. My legs are sore from it, so I'm going to rest today and over the weekend and not walk all over the place. I also walked up to the hospital today. As I was leaving the shuttle to take other patients up was just arriving, I actually arrived to the hospital before the shuttle patients did, so unless it's raining (and maybe even if it is, I have an umbrella) I will probably continue to walk there rather than taking the shuttle.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's day in the hospital

As I'm sure many people are aware, today is mother's day. I'm in the hospital though just like many other mothers days in my youth, my mom is here with. She says that her mother's day gift is that I got a kidney transplant. I'm certain that she is 100% truthful in that, but with all the time she has spent here the last week and the help she has provided, running around the city for me when I couldn't leave. Plus for the last 29 years of always being here at the hospital for me. I just feel I need to say...

Thank you mom. You're the best.

Love you, Owen

Friday, May 11, 2012

One week ago at 2:45pm I went under for my Kidney transplant

It was one week ago today at 2:45pm that I was put under for my Kidney transplant. Before going in I was obviously nervous, the doctors I think may have even noticed and told me everything was going to be fine and to be calm. I calmed down, but it was major surgery, so I was still nervous. My imagination has turned out to be much worse than what the actual results were. It seems at every point durring this last week what I was expecting to be either a painful or unpleasant expereince has turned out to not be so.

Going in obviously I was nervous about maybe not even waking up. That is a possible outcome, or the kidney not working or something else going wrong, something being nicked causing other problems. Right after surgery the one thing I was nervous about was the feeling of a breathing tube down my throat. I don't even remember that, so there was no need to worry.

After surgery and durring the recovery process the first thing to be removed was the catherter, I remembered these hurting coming out, and while there was some discomfort, it wasn't nearly as bad as my over active imagination or the nurse had made it out that it was going to be.

The next foreign object to be removed was the drain bag. Again, I was remembering when I was twelve having this removed and it had grown in. When the surgeon removed this one I barely even felt it. He even joked asking me to lay on my side to take it out when it was already out, and like I said, I hardly felt a thing.

So far everything has gone really well, the surgeon that did the job ironiclly was the same surgeon that also did my transplant in 1995, and he even remembered me after talking for a bit. After surgery he told my parents that the kidney is "robust"


Tired of being told different things...

When I first got here for my transplant the plan was to spend the time at the hospital that was needed and after everything was good I would be sent to a hotel called "The Point pleasant lodge" that would be paid for. I was told that there would be private rooms and I checked out the website, which it looks ok for something that I wasn't paying for.

I was really looking forward to the private room since I've been stuck in a ward room with 4 other people all week with only curtains for privacy. It was ok, because it's a hospital and there are lots of other people around, nurses in and out, not much expectation of privacy. Having been told of private rooms at the lodge though I have been looking forward to having time to myself without strangers around and being able to have some of my gear with me (Camera and lenses, laptop).

Being stuck in a hotel room with a complete stranger for 2 weeks though, I'm simply not at all comfortable with that. Even at the hospital I've been ok leaving my camera in the bag and iPad stashed, but I'm in the room almost all the time. When I'm out I didn't plan on staying in the room, and would have to be at clinic at the hospital 3 days a week, I am not in good enough shape to lug both my camera and laptop around with me whenever I leave, and I can't leave them in a room with a stranger...

Health wise I'm good, and will post later about that, mental health wise, right now I'm really angry and stressed.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WARNING: This post deals with the (im)mature subject matter of my twig and berries (My Penis) and is graphic.


Well, the catheter has been removed. For the last 5 days this thing has been the bane of my existence, it has hindered my every movement. It has been like a rubber hand cuff pushed up my penis hole tying me to a bag full of golden yellow urine. Every movement it would make would hurt. Getting out of bed would hurt because each inch to the side would push the thing in, getting into bed would be just the opposite, every time I would slide back it would yank and pull on my most sensitive of areas.

It turns out that the size of catherter they used is the largest size they have. If it hadn't been such a pain these last 5 days I'd say that it almost a compliment (I asked the nurse if it was, was that too pervy?. Anyway it has now been removed, and my piss comes from all over the place.

This thing has ravaged my manly bits so bad that it looks like they are inside out. My testies are the size of apples and the same colour too. (not granny smith apples, dark red Macintosh apples). I can't even explain what the twig of the twig and berries looks like, it's some indescribable horror straight out of the Alien chest burtster scene, but far worse that even HR Gieger could imagine.

Everything is swollen, I can only think that the horrid Canadian rap band "Swollen Members" must have experienced something like this before deciding to take out their pain on the world by making the worst Canadian music ever.

I think I found where my extra 13kg of weight is coming from.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm FAT, and not PHAT fat. Just fat.

When I checked into the hospital I was 94kg, which lets e upfront and honest here, that's not small. After surgery I've put on a massive 13 kg I fluid as I've been being pumped full of fluid at a rate of 150ml/h. For the first few days after the surgery I was only putting out about 30ml/h of urine so I wasn't expelling as much as I was taking in.

Over the last 4 days I've packed on fluid weight all over. So I'm fat. Now though I'm expelling over 200ml/h and am off the IV so hopefully the extra will be coming off over the next few weeks. I also have to exercise, the doc says my best hope for this being a long lasting kidney is to get in shape, which now that I don't have to do dialysis in the evenings will have 6 extra hours to fill in durring the day, so that's my plan.

Everything is going good, the doctors are very happy with my progress and my creatinine is now down to 335, down from 535 the day before and over 700 the previous day. Creatinine is a measurement of kidney function, in a normal adult it should be between around 90 and 110, so they are happy with the gradual decrease in it.

Owen 3.0

Monday, May 7, 2012

This is my Saigon

Stuck in a 4 person ward room with barely enough room to breath. It's like a mash unit has been combined with a Vietcong penis Torture camp with a catheter the width of a lip balm being minipulated without thought of what it is attached to. This is my Nam, this is my April 30th 1975. The fall of Saigon.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sometime tomorrow

Sometime tomorrow I will be having a Kidney transplant. This is a good thing. I have to keep telling myself that once the surgery. Is done, and the 6 weeks or more of recovery, I will have my normal 29 year old life back. This is not the only thing going through my head though.

Tomorrow I will be having major surery, in fact I will be one of 3 people having organ transplants done tomorrow, 2 kidneys and a liver. I can't stop thinking about what if something goes wrong while I'm on the table. I'm having moments of panic where I almost start to cry, because if something did go wrong tomorrow, that could be it. I have to think positive though, the ods are stacked in my favour. The doctors are the best, and have done this procedure many times before.

I'm scared, but his is something I need to do. No scratch that, this is something I want to do.

There are two time slots tomorrow, 8:30am and 12noon. I think I would rather the early one so that I can stop thinking about this and just get it over with.


I'm here, and I'm waiting.

I've been admitted to the VG to have my transplant. The current plan is to do some testing today, and do the transplant tomorrow morning.

Waiting is the hardest part, but I've waiting over 3 years already, another night is nothing.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last Friday's Emergency blood work

I'm just sitting here waiting to finish my hopefully last dialysis session thinking just this past Friday I had to have emergency blood work to say up to date on the transplant list.

If I hadn't done that I may not be going to Halifax tomorrow. This just illustrates how important it is to make sure all your ducks are in a row.


Called for a transplant

I was just called for a transplant. This is the 2nd time I have been called, the last time was in November of 2010, and when I got down there I was told the kidney wasn't a good match and I had to turn around and go home. Right now I'm shaking, I'm almost crying, I'm nervous and I'm excited, and I don't know what else I'm experiencing. I'm scared of th surgery, but excited about after the surgery. I'm sweating.

 More to come.