Friday, May 18, 2012

2 weeks post transplant

Today marks 2 weeks since I had my kidney transplant. So far everything is peachy. I was discharged on Monday, and after some back and forth I'm now at the Point Pleasant Lodge in a single double bed room, so I can have the privacy I was hoping for.

I've had 2 clinic visits so far, one on Wednesday and one today. On Wednesday I had half the staples removed and today the rest were removed and Steri-Strips put in their place just to make sure I don't split open. There were 18 staples in all, and today's kind of hurt coming out, where as the ones on Wednesday did not.

I found out today that I do have a stent going from the new ureter to my bladder, and this will require a small 2nd procedure to be completed 4-6 weeks after the transplant was done. This will be done back home and I will not have to come here for it.

I've been walking a lot, actually probably more than I was before I had the transplant. Between Wednesday and Thursday I'm sure I came close to 6km total. My legs are sore from it, so I'm going to rest today and over the weekend and not walk all over the place. I also walked up to the hospital today. As I was leaving the shuttle to take other patients up was just arriving, I actually arrived to the hospital before the shuttle patients did, so unless it's raining (and maybe even if it is, I have an umbrella) I will probably continue to walk there rather than taking the shuttle.


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  1. Congrats on your transplant - best wishes that you're recovery continues and you feel better every day!