Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm FAT, and not PHAT fat. Just fat.

When I checked into the hospital I was 94kg, which lets e upfront and honest here, that's not small. After surgery I've put on a massive 13 kg I fluid as I've been being pumped full of fluid at a rate of 150ml/h. For the first few days after the surgery I was only putting out about 30ml/h of urine so I wasn't expelling as much as I was taking in.

Over the last 4 days I've packed on fluid weight all over. So I'm fat. Now though I'm expelling over 200ml/h and am off the IV so hopefully the extra will be coming off over the next few weeks. I also have to exercise, the doc says my best hope for this being a long lasting kidney is to get in shape, which now that I don't have to do dialysis in the evenings will have 6 extra hours to fill in durring the day, so that's my plan.

Everything is going good, the doctors are very happy with my progress and my creatinine is now down to 335, down from 535 the day before and over 700 the previous day. Creatinine is a measurement of kidney function, in a normal adult it should be between around 90 and 110, so they are happy with the gradual decrease in it.

Owen 3.0

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