Friday, May 11, 2012

One week ago at 2:45pm I went under for my Kidney transplant

It was one week ago today at 2:45pm that I was put under for my Kidney transplant. Before going in I was obviously nervous, the doctors I think may have even noticed and told me everything was going to be fine and to be calm. I calmed down, but it was major surgery, so I was still nervous. My imagination has turned out to be much worse than what the actual results were. It seems at every point durring this last week what I was expecting to be either a painful or unpleasant expereince has turned out to not be so.

Going in obviously I was nervous about maybe not even waking up. That is a possible outcome, or the kidney not working or something else going wrong, something being nicked causing other problems. Right after surgery the one thing I was nervous about was the feeling of a breathing tube down my throat. I don't even remember that, so there was no need to worry.

After surgery and durring the recovery process the first thing to be removed was the catherter, I remembered these hurting coming out, and while there was some discomfort, it wasn't nearly as bad as my over active imagination or the nurse had made it out that it was going to be.

The next foreign object to be removed was the drain bag. Again, I was remembering when I was twelve having this removed and it had grown in. When the surgeon removed this one I barely even felt it. He even joked asking me to lay on my side to take it out when it was already out, and like I said, I hardly felt a thing.

So far everything has gone really well, the surgeon that did the job ironiclly was the same surgeon that also did my transplant in 1995, and he even remembered me after talking for a bit. After surgery he told my parents that the kidney is "robust"


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