Friday, May 11, 2012

Tired of being told different things...

When I first got here for my transplant the plan was to spend the time at the hospital that was needed and after everything was good I would be sent to a hotel called "The Point pleasant lodge" that would be paid for. I was told that there would be private rooms and I checked out the website, which it looks ok for something that I wasn't paying for.

I was really looking forward to the private room since I've been stuck in a ward room with 4 other people all week with only curtains for privacy. It was ok, because it's a hospital and there are lots of other people around, nurses in and out, not much expectation of privacy. Having been told of private rooms at the lodge though I have been looking forward to having time to myself without strangers around and being able to have some of my gear with me (Camera and lenses, laptop).

Being stuck in a hotel room with a complete stranger for 2 weeks though, I'm simply not at all comfortable with that. Even at the hospital I've been ok leaving my camera in the bag and iPad stashed, but I'm in the room almost all the time. When I'm out I didn't plan on staying in the room, and would have to be at clinic at the hospital 3 days a week, I am not in good enough shape to lug both my camera and laptop around with me whenever I leave, and I can't leave them in a room with a stranger...

Health wise I'm good, and will post later about that, mental health wise, right now I'm really angry and stressed.


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