Monday, June 4, 2012

And so it begins

Well, it finally happened, after just over 4 weeks of fantastic results I'm having my first issue. This issue isn't specifically with the kidney however, the problems seems to be an obstruction in the ureter going from the kidney to my bladder and any urine the kidney makes is just stuck at the kidney. This is not good, I haven't urinated since about 10am this morning, and I'm shaking, my creatinine has sky rocketed to 450 when just this Friday it was 121.

I've been in the emergency department since about 7pm, I waited in the waiting room for about an hour, as of writing this (but not posting since the Internet is blocked in the ER) it is 2pm, so I've been here for 7 hours. In those 7 hours I've had multiple ultrasounds and not one, but two catheters.

The plan I have been told is that I'm going to be admitted, and then in the morning I will be sent down to x-ray interventional to have a drain bag attached directly to my kidney to remove the fluid that has built up.

The next step after that is to figure what is causing the blockage, my guess is that I will need a new stent put in. None of the above sounds like it will be fun, but it's what I have in store in the next day or so.


PS: The student doctors name is Thor.

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  1. Sending hope that all will be sorted out quickly and as a little pain as possible. Keeping updated on your blog regularly to see what your going through. I was given your blogsite from a mutual friend just over a year ago "Sarah". My husband has kidney disease and is waiting to find out if his sister can donate hers. (here's hoping). Just wanted you to know how much your blog is valued. Keeping faith for everything to work out right for you!