Monday, June 4, 2012

I have a new hole!

I now have a tube going to a drainage bag to my kidney to drain any produced urine. The good news is that I still seem to be creating all kinds of urine. So it doesn't appear as if the kidney has been damaged all that much in the last 24 hours. I will be in hospital for a few days while my creatinine goes down, it's already gone down about 100 points from a peak of over 550 this morning.

The current plan is the urologist doesn't think he will be able to get a new stent in via the bladder, that their best bet is to enter the new hole they made to drain the kidney and enter the ureter from the top to open it back up and insert a new stent. There have been rumblings that they may send me back to halifax to have this done since the surgeons there are more familiar with the inside workings of the kidney and ureter.

Right now, just like most other things when in hospital it is a wait and see. The good news though is that it's really a mechanical problem that can be fixed mechanically and not infection or rejection of the kidney.


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