Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I spent the last week in Hospital, and then back today...

Last Sunday evening I ended up at the ER because I hadn't urinated all day, and something just felt wrong, I'm not going to go into details because I'm certain I have already written on this, but the problem was that my ureter from my kidney to my bladder (which is generally where the ureter is unless there are some serious problems) had collapsed and urine was backing up into the kidney. My creatinine had sky rocketed, so I was fitted with a nephrostomy tube and bag to drain the urine from the kidney, and later a new stent was installed.

Fast forward to after the stent was put back in and the drain bag clamped off. I was now able to urinate on my own, but there was an issue, it was hurting to do so, at first it wasn't all that bad and I let my doctors know, I guess this would have been Friday, 5 days after being admitted to hospital. I was started on an antibiotic called ciprofloxacin on the Saturday with two doses per day, things seemed to be improving. Monday though I was told what I had would not be resolved with the cipro and I was taken off it. That was yesterday.

This morning when I woke up I was in a tremendous amount of pain in my urethra area, and was almost keeled over, it was very, very bad. I had blood work this morning so while there I went to the transplant clinic. I arrived at the hospital at about 8am, and I was there until about 3pm. It made for a very long day. Why was I there so long? I ended up need an ultrasound. During the stent insertion a sack of fluid was found to be in the general area of the kidney pushing up against my bladder and moving it to the left. It is thought that this may have been what caused the ureter to close up after the stent was removed, the ureter was squished/stretched against the bladder.

Most times these sacks of fluid will just be absorbed back into the body, if it doesn't it will need to be drained.


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