Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tentatively scheduled for stent de-removal tomorrow

I'm currently tentatively scheduled for stent de-removal tomorrow sometime, no time was given and I haven't seen the urologist today yet to confirm or ask any questions I may have. Such as will this stent be a perminant stent this time? If it's only a temp what are the chances of this happening again? How soon can I leave after having the stent put in? Will I need a catheter right after to make sure urine isn't still backing up into the kidney? Things like that. I guess if worse comes to worse I will be able to ask these things right before the procedure. I'm not sure if I will be under general anesthesia or local, my bet is on local since they mentioned it being done in X-ray interventional.

The other option besides a new stent would have to be done in Halifax from what I understand, and that would involve surgically increasing the size of the ureter.

I'm not sure which I would prefer.


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